CrossFit Endurance's Unconventional 12-Week Marathon Training Plan

Everything you need to improve your time on the course

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Brian MacKenzie has a few pointed words about your endurance workout. "If you're running five miles a day at the same speed and think you're getting a lot out of that, you're sorely mistaken," says the founder of CrossFit Endurance. "If you're not trying to improve, what's the point?" MacKenzie, who lays out his radical philosophy in the new book Power Speed Endurance, believes that short, intense exercise can give you many of the long-haul benefits of classic distance workouts—and spare you the chronic injuries and boredom. To try this 12-week program for runners, seek out a CrossFit Endurance gym or coach (there are hundreds listed at "If you can't make it through the first week, back off a little," MacKenzie says, then add reps as your strength and stamina improve. Your performance should get better each week.

CrossFit-style WODs are used throughout this program. To access them, follow the links below. You can choose any WOD, just avoid repeating a single one too often—the goal is to work different muscles each time.

10- to 15-Minute WOD
10- to 15-Minute WOD (With Run Portion)
20-Minute WOD
20-Minute WOD (With Run Portion)
5- to 20-Minute WOD

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