Video of the Whitewater Grand Prix Whitewater Enduro Race

Director Skip Armstrong and Tribe Rider have released two new videos showing the action from the Rio Gol Gol in Chile during Stage 1 of the Whitewater Grand Prix. The video above shows highlights from the whitewater enduro race and offers a look at the standings. The video below offers a behind-the-scenes view of the athletes in action.

One thing that you can see in both videos is that when a kayaker gets hurt or stuck, one or more of the 32 other competitors are there to help. Without a lot of funding, the athletes have chosen to station themselves along the course to provide assistance in case something goes wrong.

335925_436064729794194_1134225181_oAdrian Kiernan (AUS) on the Rio Gol Gol. Photo: Whitewater Grand Prix/Erik Boomer

—Joe Spring

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