Energy Literacy, Part IV: A Photo Gallery

Natural gas development has severely fragmented habitat in many parts of the country, including here, in Wyoming.

In Part I of this series, Adventure Ethics interviewed Tom Butler, co-author of Energy: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth, a new coffee table book by the Post Carbon Institute and the Foundation for Deep Ecology that shows and tells us, in graphic detail, the backstories that make up our current energy economy.

Part II provided an excerpt from the book. In it, Post Carbon Institute fellow Richard Heinberg argues that the cleanest energy is that which we don't generate in the first place. "In short," he writes, "our task in the 21st century is to scale back the human enterprise until it can be supported with levels of power that can be sustainably supplied, and until it no longer overwhelms natural ecosystems."

The Chernobyl nuclear power station looms over the mouldering remains of the former town of Pripyat, Ukraine.

Part III is a short quiz with five terms that are used frequently in Energy, including energy curtailment and energy slaves. Can you define them? Test your own personal energy literacy.

The fourth and final component of our Energy Literacy series is a photo gallery of images from Energy: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth, a couple of which are showcased above. View the full gallery here.

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