This Week's Missing Links, December 15

The best articles, photos, and videos that I didn't post this week—until now. If you only click on one thing, make it "A Soap Opera on the High Seas," by Charles Homans.

For the best longreads of the week, check out "Weekend Reading: If You Love Them."

A profile of the man behind "Deadliest Catch,"
The New York Times Magazine

The Taliban blew up my climbing wall, Adventure Journal

On the end of the tall tale, Outside

Oscar Pistorius races ... a horse? In Qatar? YouTube

What happens with a 10.1 100m sprinter when you put him on a rugby pitch? YouTube via David Epstein

Everything you wanted to know about the catch of that 445-pound yellowfin tuna, including why it isn't a world record, San Diego Union Telegram

Wait, Shackleton left whisky behind? DHL

What's your Himalayan IQ? Outside

Snowboarder Jeremy Jones wants you to learn from his mistakes, Jones Snowboards

Surfer Taylor Knox retires, Surfer

Diary of a Yosemite climbing steward, Alpinist

The rollerblading rock star scientist of Harvard
, Smithsonian

Um, be careful where you move that really dangerous elephant. On second thought, don't move it at all. Science

Why porcupine quills go in so easy, but are so hard to pull out, Not Exactly Rocket Science

The Cook Islands adds to the world's largest shark sanctuary, BBC

U.K. to gain 31 marine conservation zones, but conservationists aren't happy, The Guardian

The management of wild horses out West has reached a tipping point, The New York Times

Fifty years of planetary exploration in one simple graphic, NASA

Puerto Rico's boa constrictor problem, USGS

Don't pee on that jellyfish sting, Scientific American

More than 1,000 elephant tusks seized in Malaysia, The New York Times

The floating robot detecting rogue waves that satellites are missing, Scientific American

Flight of the science bloggers, Columbia Journalism Review

The world's ocean are far from a quiet place, The New York Times

Frigatebirds return to Ascension Island after more than a century's absence—thanks to the "disappearance" of cats, The Guardian

Big and old trees are dying fast. OK, faster than they should. The New York Times

Mapping an invasive grass against a pattern of fires out West, Science

Life expectancy goes up around the world, and more people are dying of "rich-country diseases,"
The New York Times

How GoPro cameras are helping athletes train, Wired

Can this machine build a better athlete? Daniel Coyle

Just exercise, The New York Times Well

The most interesting health stories of 2012, The Atlantic

FYI, your eyes can get sunburned too, The New York Times Well

Even if you can, why you shouldn't walk and text at the same time
, NPR Shots

That photo of Everest from space wasn't actually of Everest, The Adventure Blog

A review of Google's new map app for iPhone, The New York Times

Apparently Flickr's new mobile app is really good, Forbes

Why making robots is hard, The New Yorker

The nautical roots of popular tattoos, Collectors Weekly

The 10 most ethical travel destinations, Outside

An Airstream Thanksgiving, Outside

An aerial view of a desert
, The New York Times Lens

The 10 best photos of the year, National Geographic

The best-kept secret in journalism is Murray Kempton, Esquire

—Joe Spring

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