Schwagbox Goods of the Month Club for Cyclists


Does the cyclist in your life stump you when it’s gift-giving time? Are you a rider who geeks out on trying the latest and greatest bike-related anything as soon as it becomes available?

Schwagbox, started by the guys who run, ships a selection of new cycling-related goodies to riders and triathletes each month. The package typically contains performance energy foods, chain lubes, chamois creams, and other bike and body care products engineered to make every ride better. The monthly selections are curated by the editors, so you get the latest and greatest products, many of which won’t be in your local bike shop yet because they are so new.

“As Bikerumor editors, we get to try new product constantly, and we wanted to share that opportunity with everyone that rides,” said Tyler Benedict, Bikerumor founder. “Schwagbox lets us hand pick the most exciting, best tasting, and most functional items to share from established brands as well as upstarts.”

After every shipment, Schwagbox will follow up with a few questions from each company that you received product from, asking what you thought of the goods. You get a direct pipeline to the brands’ decision makers. Reply to the manufacturer’s questions, and you’re automatically entered into a raffle to win additional product. As a subscriber, you’ll also receive members-only discounts on products you’ve sampled so you can stock up.

Each shipment contains four to five products the curators say you “probably haven’t tried before.” The first boxes get shipped in January. $120/year;

—Berne Broudy

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