A Dog Leash for Biking


Do you wish you could take your dog for a spin, but aren’t sure how to manage the mechanics? Love to take your Lab for a lap on the local singletrack, but don’t have a way to roll with him safely to the trailhead?

Biking with a dog can be awkward and dangerous for both you and your pooch. While you have one hand on the bars and one on a leash, an energetic dog can throw you off balance dashing to pursue a squirrel or greet the neighbor’s schnauzer, or when he doesn’t stop at an intersection. Without the use of both hands, it's hard to stop safely, and there’s the danger that your dog will get tangled in your spokes, which is guaranteed not to turn out well for either of you.


The Walky Dog Plus dog bike leash solves those problems. A seatpost-mounted horizontal metal bar that houses springs and a leash, the Walky Dog connects your bike to your dog’s harness or collar, forcing a safe distance between dog and the bike’s spinning parts, without giving Rover too much play. Internal springs temper your pup’s pulls, and give you significantly improved control of your bike.

Walky Dog Plus installs and removes with a single click onto or off of an easy-install clamp, so when Fido is home, the clamp isn’t a nuisance. It's recommended for well-trained dogs with a good baseline level of fitness. And, if you decide to buy, be sure to practice with short excursions to get you and your dog used to the system. Available now, $60; thedogoutdoors.com.

—Berne Broudy

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