Adventure Video of the Week: Surfing After Sandy

There are a slew of stories coming out now about the rebuilding effort in the Rockaways. Residents who witnessed the storm destroy many homes, damage others, and take the lives of their neighbors are struggling to salvage what's left. After the storm hit, Matthew Power embedded with Doctors Without Borders as they set up a station in the Far Rockaways to help with the recovery. Abe Streep of Outside tagged along with a crew from Team Rubicon who worked to gut and help rebuild a home in Belle Harbor. 

Beach 87th Street/Surfing After Sandy is the latest short film on homeowners who weathered the storm and are now rebuilding. It's less about surfing, and more about community. Though the video doesn't tackle bigger questions about the strategy for rebuilding, it does offer an intimate look into the lives of homeowners near the coast who are waiting to see what kind of aid the government will provide.

H/T: Adventure Journal

—Joe Spring

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