A Site Where Female Action Sports Athletes Can Show Off

Female action sports athletes looking for exposure have a new outlet.

Rachael Burks started femalewolfpack.com as a site for women to show off their feats after a sponsor pulled funding she needed for a video shoot. “It’s turned into something a lot bigger than I thought it would be,” she told Powder. “People from all over the world are sending submissions in.”

If you're thinking of submitting a reel, you should be aware of the site's rules. One of them is not to play heavily to sex appeal. Femalewolfpack.com, which references The Hangover for its name and quotes Chazz Reinhold from Wedding Crashers (Rule #76: "No excuses. Play like a champion."), is anti-nudity and against the exploitation of femininity. It stands to reason that the inspiration from those two previously mentioned films applies more to the site's number one rule: "Fun ... IS FIRST AND FOREMOST. Rid your mind of the need to be Xtreme to be visible (ie the method for visibility in action sports circa 1990’s). HAVE FUN, BE SAFE—you’ll be surprised at how far a smile and a laugh can get you."

The site soft launched in early December and hard launched on New Year's Day. For more, read "A Female Wolf Pack," on Powder.com.

—Joe Spring

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