A Good Year in the Mountains

I'm not one for blatant self-promotion from manufacturers, but I have to hand it to Rocky Mountain on this video that captures the essence of what every mountain biker must hope their year gone by just looked like. The tacky singletrack, the big mountain vistas, the friendly race scene, the backslaps and beers and bikes, bikes, bikes—this is what it's all about. Heck, while all the love is flowing I'll just add that Rocky, which was late to the big-wheel game, made the wait worthwhile by unveiling one respectable 29er in 2012 with the Element 970. The company's also been instrumental in pushing what is fast becoming one of the best mountain stage races in the world, the BC Bike Race.

What I like most about this clip, though, is that it's not so much about Rocky Mountain but about how bikes can take you places—big, fun, swoopy-trail, remote, hard-riding places. And while it's an ode to another year passed, it's just as much a call to action to make 2013 this good. Allez.

—Aaron Gulley

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