Yes You Can: Go Heliskiing

The ultimate guide to the greatest ski adventure of your life

Jan 7, 2013
Outside Magazine

Skier with helicopter in background.    Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Dream of pristine powder and glittering, snow-covered peaks? Of gliding down endless runs with nary a chairlift or snowmobile in sight? Sure, you could hike to sick slopes, but if you want to set a personal record for most vertical feet skied in a single day, look to the skies. Ski utopia is just a helicopter ride away.

“Expect to have the time of your life,” says Angela Hawse, heliskiing guide for Telluride Helitrax. Getting airlifted to the world’s best chutes and bowls is an adrenaline-filled adventure that resort skiing simply can’t match. And it’s not just for the pros. Skiers and snowboarders who save up a wad of cash (think $1,000-plus for a six-run day) and have decent skills (think advanced intermediate) can star in their very own big mountain movie. And trust us, friends and family will flock to see the POV footage, because even if your turns aren’t on par with Davenport’s, the bird’s-eye views and helicopter drop offs will be captivating.

So eat Ramen, wash cars, sell Mary Kay products—whatever’s necessary to save up for the ski adventure of a lifetime. Says freeskiing tour champ Jess McMillan, “This is gonna be the coolest thing you’ve ever done.”

Ready to plunge into the powder?