Gear Institute's 2012 Women's Snowboard Reviews: Gnu Velvet Guru EC2

The Gnu Velvet Guru is an all-mountain freestyle snowboard designed with a moderate flex that responds best to aggressive riders

Jan 9, 2013
Outside Magazine

Gnu Velvet Guru EC2.    Photo: Gnu

    •    Lots of pop and energy.
    •    Soft enough for tight, low-angle transitions in the trees.
    •    Stellar response to aggressive riders at speed.
    •    Playful—makes you want to spin.
    •    Nimble in powder, even though in small sizes.

    •    Chattery and bouncy on uneven snow.
    •    Couldn’t hold an edge on the most harrowing steeps.
    •    Jump turns were not an option in steep trees.

The Gnu Velvet Guru is true all-mountain board. Both beginners and experts loved its versatility: it floats in powder, responds to aggressive maneuvers at high speeds, pops like a cork, and is so light and playful, you’ll want to hit every berm you see. However, in steep terrain, riders had a hard time getting it to hold an edge.

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