Garmin Launches Edge 510 and 810 GPS Cycling Computers

Extending its already formidable lead in the category, Garmin has launched two new powerful GPS cycling computers that will eventually replace the Edge 500 and Edge 800 units. The new Garmin Edge 810 and Edge 510 look to be about as slick as this highly-produced video made to promote the computers. The 810 keeps the same dimensions and form as its predecessor, while the 510 gets even smaller and more compact than the 500, and adds a touchscreen display that's readable in sunlight.

The big story—as attested to by Ryder Hesjedal, David Millar, Dan Martin, Jonathan Vaughters, et al—is the new units' connectivity. By interfacing with a smartphone, the computers can automatically upload activities to GarminConnect and other social media outlets, provide real-time weather updates on the road, and facilitate live tracking. That means that anyone a user invites can follow along with a ride in real time, which makes it a great way for friends and family to keep tabs on their riders while they are out in the field. It's also a perfect tool for coaches, since they'll be able to easily follow along with their athletes' progress on the road, including heart rate, cadence, power, and all other metrics. Battery life on the units are also said to increase, to 17 hours on the 810 and 20-plus hours on the 510, making them more applicable for endurance and adventure activities than past iterations.

The Edge 810 is available now for $500, and the 510 will go on sale later this winter for $330. We'll be taking posession of both units this week and will bring you a detailed review as soon as we've logged some time with them.

—Aaron Gulley

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