A Reminder to Check the Expiration Date on Your Extreme Aerial Stunt Waiver

On Monday, January 21, ThoseCrazyTexans uploaded a 19-second clip of aerial stunt pilot Jason Newburg flying a plane at roughly 200 miles per hour just a few feet above the ground and a few feet to the side of a mini four-wheeler. The clip went viral, and has received more than 150,000 plays over the past four days. Unfortunately for Newburg, at least one of those plays came courtesy of the Federal Aviation Administration. The government agency is now investigating whether Newburg's stunt unnecessarily put people in harm's way.

Newburg told NBC 5 the stunt was planned, and the Lancaster city manager told NBC 5 they allowed the practice run because the pilot had a valid aerobatic license from the FAA. But the FAA told ABC News that license expired in November of 2012, and even if it didn't, the permit may not have covered this particular type of stunt.

"There would be no time that would be the proper thing to do," aviation safety expert Denny Kelly told NBC 5.

H/T: Mashable

—Joe Spring

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