The Best Gear at OR for Women: Ortovox Tour 30 + 7 W ABS Pack

From the Lucy Perfect Booty Pants to the Helly Hansen Panorama Jacket, Outside contributing editor and The Adventuress columnist Ali Carr Troxell picks her 10 favorite pieces of women's gear from OR

Feb 7, 2013
Outside Magazine

Tour 30 + 7 W ABS Pack.    Photo: Courtesy of Ortovox

With avalanche packs steadily ascending the popularity charts, it’s nice to see a women’s-specific one come to market for the first time. And a nod to Ortovox because the wait didn’t feel all that long. Not only are the colors feminine (which can sometimes be a bonus, sometimes not; in this case, they’re so-so), the fit is entirely women’s specific. The harness straps are ergonomic and the frame is shorter, designed to fit a woman’s body.

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