Sex in the Great Outdoors

Gearing up for the backcountry tryst

Jan 29, 2004
Outside Magazine
romance outdoors sex camping hiking

Romance has always been part of the great outdoors, now it's comfortable too.    Photo: Candy Box Images/Shutterstock

Sex outdoors, in some remote but nonetheless publicly accessible forest getaway? Let s face it, you've never really mastered it indoors, so why complicate an already risky undertaking?

Well, because sex among wildflowers, near waterfalls, in sandy nooks and woody copses, is a deep-rooted primal fantasy, a timeless insurrection against modesty that's notoriously tough to suppress. People, after all, were kicked out of paradise for this.

Here, then, we dangle the forbidden fruit, a perfectly diabolical cheat sheet of all the goods you need for a sizzling backcountry tryst from performance lingerie to a portable, warm shower for two.

Adam and Eve never had it so good.