Some Bubbly Before Bed

Relax with a glass of champagne

Feb 25, 2013
Outside Magazine
lexan champagne flute camping romance

Lexan's unbreakable glasses will come in handy if you camp and drink.    Photo: Igor Klimov/Shutterstock

GSI Lexan Champagne Flute ($5.95): Alcohol "provokes and unprovokes," noted a porter in Macbeth, before lamenting that what it unprovoked could really hurt a guy's feelings. Pay heed to the porter's warning and go easy on the drink—but you don't have to leave it behind. To celebrate your love over bubbly (without breaking out the Sierra cups), serve Moet Chandon or Veuve Cliquot in GSI's Lexan Flute. It's more refined than the collapsible variety (though the stem is detachable, for packing ease), and almost impossible to break.

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