Getting Cozy

Room for two with a zip

Feb 25, 2013
Outside Magazine
sleeping bag feathered friends camping romance

Share some bodyheat and share a sleeping bag.    Photo: AISPIX/Shutterstock

Feathered Friends Sandpiper 30, 3.1 pounds ($320 with Pertex Quantum shell), and Couple Kit ($7) You’re not going camping together to sleep in separate little nylon jails. So don’t take two sleeping bags and hurt each other wrestling with the zippers. Get Feathered Friends Sandpiper 30, unzip it, then attach it to Feathered Friends’ Toucan Ultralight Ground Cover ($49). The result: A warm, super-comfortable, roomy bed-for-two. For sleeping pads—trust me, you’ll need them—purchase two Therm-a-Rest Performance UltraLite pads ($70 each) and attach them to each other with a Couple Kit ($7).

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