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Our Favorite Bicycles From NAHBS 2013: Moots IMBA Trail Maintenance Bike

Of the more than 200 small bicycle manufacturers that gathered to show off their designs at the 9th annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Denver last week, these seven stood out

Our Favorite Bicycles From NAHBS 2013: Moots IMBA Trail Maintenance Bike

Photo: © Farid A. Abraham

The Steamboat, Colorado-based titanium specialists created this bicycle as both a showpiece for NAHBS as well as a practical collaboration with their local trail advocacy group, the Routt County Riders. “A lot of the trail maintenance they do is on ATVs, which have limited access, or with Bob Trailers, which are cumbersome,” says Jon Cariveau, marketing manager at Moots. “So the goal was to make an all-in-one bike that would make it easy to carry the tools they needed to get their job done.”

The resulting titanium behemoth carries a road hoe up front (complete with custom leather blade sheath and custom titanium handles), a chainsaw on the rear rack (with titanium blade guard), a fuel canister in a special-sized King Cage behind the seat post, and foldable handsaw, pruners, and other sundries in the purpose-built frame pack. It’s constructed around a cargo bike-style wheelbase, with Surly’s 29+ wheels to help shoulder the load. Moots will not only loan the bike to the Routt County Riders but also to the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) for trail service projects around the country. But Cariveau says not to expect to see a whole fleet of the IMBA bikes anytime soon. “We have over 100 hours of labor in this bike. It’s not something Moots is going to reproduce,” he says. “But it could be a blueprint for somebody else who wanted to make a more affordable version.” Or it could remain the single coolest utility bike ever built.

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