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The Best Places to Get Your Blood Analyzed

Three blood-analysis companies to help maximize performance

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They Want Your Blood

Prepare to send in the vials.

THE SELL: The DIY option. Register online for a one-time kit and receive a blood-spot card in the mail. Prick a finger and blot the five circles, then send back. Results are posted online in a week, minus any nutritional recommendations. The company also offers a monthly testing option to track biomarkers over time.

THE SELL: Face-to-face advice. Register online, have blood drawn at a clinic, and sit down for a 20-minute consultation with a health professional for answers to questions about nutrition and lifestyle.
COST: $199

THE SELL: Total customization. Pick a biomarker package and have your blood drawn. Results appear online about two days later, with detailed nutritional recommendations that account for food allergies and taste preferences.
COST: $49–$299

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