POV 101: Get the Right Software

With helmet cams ubiquitous at ski resorts and on trails, everyone is a filmmaker nowadays. But making a good movie takes some practice, planning, and just a pinch of luck.

Mar 4, 2013
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Id3/Shutterstock.com

As you’ve likely realized, that diminutive POV camera you have is a professional-quality tool, not just a toy. Does this mean you need to throw down for professional-level editing software? Probably not. For the most part, software like Final Cut is designed for manipulating video at a level well beyond what you’re going to need, and it’s not nearly as user-friendly as simpler programs.

What should you use? That depends on your OS and what you want to do. If you’re using a PC, you likely have a great video editor already: Windows Movie Maker. WMM is great mostly because it is really simple to use. Grab your clip, drag and drop it where you want, and adjust how much of it you want to show. Want to add music? Or narration? It’s right there. Boom.

Keep in mind that Windows Movie Maker may not want to play with the file format your camera uses (usually MP4). You can use free conversion software like MP4CAM2AVI to translate your footage to the right format.

For Mac users, the best alternative is iMovie, which you likely have preinstalled on your computer. If you don’t have iMovie, VideoPad is another free and simple alternative that works great.

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