Pro Secrets: Scott Jurek

Top athletes share their meal strategies

Mar 7, 2013
Outside Magazine
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   Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

AGE: 39
OCCUPATION: Vegan ultrarunner, seven-time Western States 100 winner, author of Eat and Run

For people who lead active, busy lives, it helps to have a plan for meals like you do for training, even if it’s just a rough idea of which days you’ll cook dinner at home and what you’ll have. Often, people come home from work tired and don’t want to cook. Have a plan and prepare ahead of time. On weekends, I’ll make two or three things to eat over the course of the week. Things like soups and chili are great, because you can make a big batch and eat that for three or four meals. Don’t feel bad about making a big meal even if you’re just cooking for one.