Create Your Own Unsanctioned Race

A four-step guide to coloring outside the lines

The unsanctioned (but legal) White River 50 Mile Endurance Run in Washington. (Ian Coble)
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1. Plot a course.

Use a GPS unit like the Garmin 510 ($330) and a program like TopoFusion ($40) to create a digital route that riders can follow with their own GPS device or smartphone.

2. Think small.
The fewer the people, the less likely you are to encounter legal problems or liability issues. Aim for fewer than 74 people and you won’t need a permit on U.S. Forest Service land.

3. Get the word out.
Pick a date, then circulate details to riding buddies. E-mail will keep it low-key. Pearl Izumi’s app will help you reach a slightly larger audience.

4. Hit the local brewpub after the ride.
Relaxing over beers will give you a chance to strategize with participants on how to improve things next time.

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