Raising Rippers

San Diego Adventure: Sailing the High Seas

Can't wait for the weather to warm up? With balmy temperatures year-round, miles of world-class trails, and a laid-back, kid-friendly atmosphere, L.A.'s southern neighbor has you covered.

San Diego Adventure: Sailing the High Seas

The schooner Curlew comes into port. Photo: Port of San Diego/Flickr

Built in Maine in 1926, the 82-foot schooner Curlew has been around the block. She did a stint in the Coast Guard during World War II and was later abandoned in a hurricane off Bermuda in the 1960s. Now in her golden years, she plies the turquoise waters off Dana Point, about an hour north of Torrey Pines, taking families sailing and dolphin-spotting. In a typical three-hour cruise, Captain Bob will let the kids hoist the sails and take the helm; Later, they'll eat a picnic lunch while dangling their feet off the glossy teak bow and watching for dolphins and migrating gray whales. Climbing the rat lines to scout for brigadoons is off limits, but Captain Bob and his crew make up for it with their repertoire of pirate jokes. (“What kind of socks do pirates wear? Arrrggyle!”)

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