How to Raise an Outside Kid

W. Hodding Carter, Jack Hitt, and Anthony Doerr look back on their attempts to raise kids who love the outdoors.

May 14, 2013
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Chris Hill via Shutterstock

Experiencing the great outdoors with your family can be endlessly rewarding: time slows down, discoveries are made, everyone leaves with a sense of well-being. Or you take your kid sailing and accidentally let the boom knock him overboard. Either way, your children will remember all the times you spent outside - and they will thank you for it. We asked three accomplished outdoors writers to share their own stories of raising adventurous kids, traumatizing accidents and all.

How to Raise an Outdoorsy Kid - Without Traumatizing Him by W. Hodding Carter
Learning to Cook the Whole Hog by Jack Hitt
Turning the Outdoors Into a Playground by Anthony Doerr

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