Be a Bike Ambassador

Pushing the pedals on a regular basis is a great start, but if you really want to step up your game during National Bike Month, you'll have to make your voice heard, too. Start with these ideas.

May 15, 2013
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Artens via Shutterstock

Does it seem like drivers are purposefully trying to scare you off the road? Some might be, but a study (done by a car insurance provider, so it might be worth a grain of salt) shows that drivers failed to see more than 20 percent of the cyclists in their vicinity. Tensions between cyclists and drivers in most parts of the country are on the rise. Thankfully, the proliferation of cycle-mounted cameras has helped implicate guilty drivers, but that's not quelling the raw emotions. Assume drivers do not see you, ride defensively but not aggressively, use a bell, use bike lights and wear bright colors. Each state has slightly different traffic laws, so know yours and how to defend your rights in the event of an accident.

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