What to Wear in Any Weather: 33 to 45 Degrees With Rain

Ted King, Alison Tetrick, and Andy Jacques-Maynes share their favorite clothing for all types of weather - from freezing to sizzling.

There are betters ways of riding in the rain.   

Rain adds another degree of complexity to your clothing choices. If temperatures range from 33 to 45 degrees and it’s dry, you can get away with a long-sleeve jersey and a thermal vest. Throw in precipitation, and you’ll need to don a few extra layers to keep your core warm. 

Tetrick suggests you ditch the vest and long-sleeve jersey and instead opt for layering a thermal jacket overtop a long-sleeve base layer for warmth and wearing a shell like the barrier jacket to keep you dry.

Water has a nasty way of winding up in your shoes, so choose a set of waterproof neoprene covers with a tight neck, and match them with a set of water-resistant tights overtop your leg warmers and bibs.  

Even at warmer temperatures, if it’s raining you’re going to want to wear a rain jacket and pack a few extra layers in your jersey pockets. You can’t go wrong with a pair of arm warmers and a vest.

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