Clothing for Cyclists: 46 to 60 Degrees

Ted King, Alison Tetrick, and Andy Jacques-Maynes share their favorite clothing for all types of weather, from freezing to sizzling.

May 15, 2013
Outside Magazine

Perfect reading weather.    Photo: Willy Begic

You can finally stow your heavy thermal gear away in the closet at these temperatures, but don’t make the beginner mistake of riding in only a short-sleeved jersey and bibs.

Long-sleeve jerseys work well at the lower end of this spectrum, while short-sleeved jerseys and arm warmers are the recommended option as temperatures near 60 degrees. Whatever the temperature, it's a good idea to start your ride wearing a vest; if you get too hot, you can simply take it off and stuff it into a pocket. “Vests fit snugly into this category, both the ambiguously titled ‘wind’ vests and the much sturdier thermal vest,” says King. For your legs, either knee or leg warmers will work, but you should skip the tights.

You’ll still want long-fingered gloves, although you can ditch the lobster versions for more form-fitting models. At the lower end of the range, opt for a pair with some wind-stopping properties. As it gets closer to 60 degrees, you can choose an all-fleece model, as long as you make sure the palm has some tacky material to keep your hands from slipping.

Thin shoe covers will be enough to keep your feet warm, but your face still needs some attention: King recommends finishing the ensemble with a multi-purpose neck gaiter

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