Clothing for Cyclists: 61 to 75 Degrees

Ted King, Alison Tetrick, and Andy Jacques-Maynes share their favorite clothing for all types of weather, from freezing to sizzling.

May 15, 2013
Outside Magazine

Spring riding weather.    Photo: Matt Dell

Jacques-Maynes won’t go on a ride without an undershirt beneath his jersey unless it’s hotter than 80 degrees outside.

“The undershirt is pretty much always on. If I get a cold patch or slow down, I won’t get a chill—I am usually soaking wet with sweat—if I have an extra layer on,” he says.

In addition to the basic undershirt, jersey and bib shorts, Jacques-Maynes recommends wearing a set of knee warmers at the start of the ride but peeling them off as the day heats up. He also suggests packing a set of arm warmers along in a jersey pocket as an easy extra layer to pull on before a descent or to prevent any sweat-induced chills.

Standard fingerless cycling gloves are also a must. Like a helmet, it’s an important safety measure that can prevent painful road rash to your hands in the case of a crash. And unless it’s raining, never wear a hat under the helmet, says Jacques-Maynes.

“I always snicker at the guys wearing cycling hats—I assume for fashion—when it’s hot and sunny out. It’s just like wearing a raincoat to the beach,” he says.   

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