How to Build a Bomber Anchor

To set up your own anchor for a climbing top rope (or slackline, or car stuck in a ditch), all you need is a 20-foot piece of webbing, a carabiner, and a tree.

(Dudarev Mikhail via Shutterstock)
Photo: Dudarev Mikhail via Shutterstock

(1) Pick a live tree that s at least a foot thick. Wrap a strip of one-inch nylon webbing around it three times.

How to Build a Bomber Anchor

(2) Tie the ends together with a water knot (tie a loose overhand on one end, then feed the other end of the webbing through the knot, as shown). Leave three inches of tail on both sides.

(3) Draw the other two loops away from the tree so the knot is pointing in the same direction as your intended direction of pull. Clip a locking carabiner to both strands, run your rope through it, and have faith: The system can hold about 5,600 pounds.

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