Master the Grill: Burgers

North America’s top grilling chefs share their secrets

Jun 3, 2013
Outside Magazine

SONY DSC    Photo: Flickr

Nominated as America’s Manliest Restaurant by Men’s Health and topping the Denver A-list for best burger, Cherry Cricket is the place where Mile-High citizens reach for anything but a basic bite.

“It's important to first pick a good grade of beef,” says Kathy Huddleston, General Manager of Cherry Cricket. “We proudly use certified angus beef, ground, packed, and delivered fresh daily from Lombardi Meats here in Denver.” She stresses that the 80/20 blend they use is never frozen.

Why this particular cut and blend? Kathy explains, “Chuck comes from the shoulder of the animal and is a better cut. Using an 80/20 blend will give that juiciness most people desire in their burgers.”

For the most part, Cherry Cricket chefs keep it simple with salt and pepper. However, there are additions that will make your burger shine: Kathy suggests adding wood chips or lava rocks to the grill to enhance the flavor of the beef.

And the key to a juicy bite? “Never smash down on a burger,” Kathy stresses. Doing so will squeeze out the juices, resulting in a burger that is dry and flavorless. “Our cooks aren't allowed to ‘play with their food’,” she explains. “Just flip it once for good grill marks.”

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