Master the Grill: Fish

North America’s top grilling chefs share their secrets

Jun 3, 2013
Outside Magazine

   Photo: B12 Partners, LLC

Celebrity chef Tim Love wants to talk fish. With appearances on the Today Show, Good Morning America, The Food Network and features in the New York Times and Southern Living, he has a willing audience fired up along with the grill. Noting that fish is often tricky because of its delicacy, he offers up what he terms his “simple solution to the fishermens’ cookin’ blues.”

Chef Tim Love begins with heat. “Make sure you have a very hot grill as this is going to form the flavorful crust that will separate your fish from anyone else’s. Use peanut oil or, if it is a very delicate fish, grapeseed oil,” which he explains will not overtake the subtle flavor of the fish. 

Preparing fish is a lesson in patience. “Remember it takes time for the crust on fish to form, so once you place a well-seasoned fish on the grill, do not move it for at least two minutes.”  

“One last thing,” he adds. “Always scoop with your spatula from behind, not from the front. This will eliminate 90 percent of your fish-falling-apart problems.”

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