<i>Outside</i>'s Favorite Films from Tribeca

What do rock-climbing heart transplant patients, Somali pirate hunters, and arctic cowboys have in common? All could be found on the big screen at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Of this year’s 217 films, these seven outdoor-focused picks were a cut above.

May 7, 2013
Outside Magazine

A still from the documentary, The Project.    Photo: Courtesy of the Tribeca Film Festival

Doing Justice to Saucer Boy

There were plenty of movies to watch at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival—217, to be exact. Choosing favorites was an undertaking, but we loved these seven films for their adventurous subject matter. They brought us to the remote Finnish Lapland and Somalia's pirate bases, introduced us to a legendary fly-maker and skilled reindeer herders, tugged at our hearstrings and made our hearts race. You'll definitely want to put them all on your summer movie list.

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