Films from Tribeca: The Motivation

An fascinating cross-study of what really makes athletes tick, from the perspective of professional skater

May 7, 2013
Outside Magazine

The Motivation gets up close and personal with eight of the world’s top skateboarders as they compete for $200,000 at the 2012 Street League Championship, the brainchild of former pro skater Rob Dyrdek. The event offers the biggest purse in pro skateboarding, and director Adam Bhala Lough sets out to discover what drives each skater to compete.

Their incentives are as varied as their ages, which range from 17 to 30 years old: Nyjah Huston, who’s won more money than any other skater, made skating his life when a controlling father pushed him into it at an early age. Veteran Chris Cole is a legend, but has yet to win this coveted prize. Ryan Sheckler has no shortage of female fans and media attention and is determined to prove that he can also win contests. With intimate access to the skaters and their families, The Motivation gets to the heart of what drives athletes to the top of their game.