Films from Tribeca: McConkey

A heartfelt look at the life and death of freeskier Shane McConkey

May 7, 2013
Outside Magazine

When freeskier Shane McConkey passed away at age 39 during a ski-BASE accident in 2009, he left behind an inspiring legacy that’s deftly captured in the documentary McConkey. The film leads you through the many phases of McConkey’s career: After an unsuccessful attempt to join the U.S. ski racing team, he forged his own path as a freeskier, then a BASE jumper, then a ski-BASE jumper—all the while documenting his exploits on camera, becoming an adventure film star. Directed by a team of his friends, McConkey is as heartfelt as it is gripping. We spoke with two of the directors, Rob Bruce and David Zieff, about the film.

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