How to Drink Without a Corkscrew

No tools to open that bottle of wine? No problem. All you need is a little elbow grease (and possibly a tree).

Feb 15, 2012
Outside Magazine

Have no fear. That bottle can be opened anywhere in the wilderness.    Photo: Caliterra/Flickr

You're an idiot. In the middle of nowhere. With a bottle but no tool with which to LIBERATE THE VINO languishing within. Fret not: You can get at that good stuff. You can even choose whether to bow to thirst or decorum: Don't overthink it; just jam the cork into the bottle, gingerly decant, and plan to drink it all that night. Too gauche for you? Then ram the butt of the bottle against a tree (trust me) until the cork rises enough for you to take the tip of a blade and pry it out little by little in a spiral-staircase pattern, so as not to break it. Or you can keep ramming until it sticks up far enough to yank it out. Now quaff like Falstaff.