How to Shag on a Portaledge

Feb 15, 2012
Outside Magazine

"I think I could fit another person in here." Climber in portaledge via Shutterstock    Photo: Greg Epperson

So you've just climbed a 5.12 with a 10.0 and you're all sweaty and hot and ... OK, sometimes there's no avoiding getting it on in that tiny bit of elevated shelter. According to one anonymous (and persuasive) climber and pro photographer (no, not Jimmy Chin), sex on a portaledge is A BEAUTIFUL THING, dammit. "All models are going to be strong enough," says ... well, let's just call him Rico, and Rico thinks Black Diamond's roomy Cliff Cabana double portaledge ($700) scores highest for ethereal amore. But "when you let down the shark fin or middle dividers, you slide into a pit and can't move much." As with sex in a hammock, rolling around isn't an option. Instead, choose one position (harnesses allowed) and commit; otherwise the 'ledge might get a bit tipsy. "Baby wipes also make things nicer," he's proud to share. TMI, Rico. TMI.