Create a B&W Digital Photo

Feb 15, 2012
Outside Magazine
B&W Photo

"You're a Photoshopaholic."    Photo: origan31

Make a nice black-and-white by shooting digitally in color and converting using Adobe Photoshop, advises mountaineer and photographer Jimmy Chin:

(1) "Most people make the mistake of discarding the color information or desaturating the picture," he says. "Instead, use the channel mixer to FINE-TUNE tone and contrast."
From the "image" menu, select "adjust," then "channel mixer," and check the monochrome box to gray-scale it. Determine the DOMINANT colors—red, green, or blue—in your shot.
Add red to give skin tones more contrast, blue to brighten snow and ice. If the combination of numerical color values adds up to more than 100 percent, balance LUMINOSITY using the "constant" slider.
(4) Finally, be SUBTLE. Unless they're Civil War reenactors, no one wants to look like they're in a daguerreotype.