Whitewater Kids: Oakiwear One-Piece Boating Suit

The best whitewater gear for kids

Jun 7, 2013
Outside Magazine
Oakiwear One-Piece Boating Suit whitewater rafting for kids boating suit

   Photo: Courtesy of Oakiwear

This handy dandy waterproof suit is built for any and all adventures of the wet and wild variety, from cool-weather boating trips to puddle-jumping in the backyard. The suit is easy to get on and off, even over shoe, while the hood stays in place and doesn’t fall into the eyes. Even sized with room to grow, it’s lightweight and bulk-free. Best of all, it’s easy to clean: When my son Canaan was around a year old, he wore this suit almost non-stop through a particularly rainy spring, and it still looked brand-new by the end of the season.