Summer Sequester Travel: Airport Delays

Jun 17, 2013
Outside Magazine

   Photo: peteri via Shutterstock

The Cuts: Air travellers caught a break after April when congress swooped in to end furloughs for the Federal Aviation Administration’s air-traffic controllers. The Transportation Security Administration and Customs and Border Protection weren’t so lucky. Both agencies have, thus far, avoided furloughs. But cuts to overtime and hiring freezes could lead to longer security-screening lines and lines at borders (especially busy entry points like New York and Los Angeles).

The Fix: Frequent fliers should sign up for TSA’s PreCheck program, which lets you avoid lines. There’s also a “My TSA” mobile phone app available that shows wait times posted by people in line. Frequent international travelers might also want to consider signing up for a NEXUS or Global Entry pass, which allows pre-screened travelers expedited processing at borders (note that applications can take months to process, so sign-up early).