Stage 3: Ajaccio to Calvi

The Tour makes for great viewing, but not everyone has the time to watch all 21 stages of the race. Here are the key stages to tune in for this year.

Jun 27, 2013
Outside Magazine

The Tour's floating base for its start in Corsica.    Photo: Tour de France/Facebook

Day three in Corsica won’t crown the Tour champ, but it could dampen the hopes of any unlucky or inattentive favorites. The island roads are notoriously tight, narrow, winding, and devoid of shoulders so there will be lots of jockeying for position and the chance of easily missing out on moves. There’s nary a flat spot the entire day, so a breakaway could sneak away and make it all the way to the finish, which also means that if a group of favorites get up the road minus anyone considered to be a GC threat, it could be full-gas to the finish. But even if no drama ensues, the granite-pocked landscape and views out over the Mediterranean on the coastal route will ensure scenic viewing.

Distance: 145.5 km
Date: 7/1