The Best Bike Shops: Red Lantern Bicycles, Brooklyn, New York

No matter how advanced online retailers get, they’ll never be able to make the camaraderie of a brick-and-mortar bike shop. We pick our favorite spots for buying a new tube, getting a bike fit, or just shooting the breeze over a couple of beers.

Jun 26, 2013
Outside Magazine
red lantern bicycles brooklyn new york

   Photo: Courtesy of Red Lantern Bicycles

Best For: Bomber commuter bikes and easygoing chitchat

In a city that sometimes seems to pride itself on aloofness and snobbery, Red Lantern is a refreshingm hole-in-the-wall type spot that specializes in no-nonsense bikes. Rather than stock a floor full of name-brand bikes, they take what they are brought, from dilapidated Gitanes to hard-working Surlys, and overhaul and restore them into rugged, utilitarian bikes that can take on the city. They also sling great coffee, whip up homemade nut milks and smoothies on the side, and even stock a well-curated list of Brooklyn-brewed beers for the inevitable chit-chat while you wait.