The Best Bike Shops: Angry Catfish, Minneapolis, Minnesota

No matter how advanced online retailers get, they’ll never be able to make the camaraderie of a brick-and-mortar bike shop. We pick our favorite spots for buying a new tube, getting a bike fit, or just shooting the breeze over a couple of beers.

Jun 26, 2013
Outside Magazine
angry catfish bicycle shop bike shop

   Photo: Courtesy of Angry Catfish

Best For: North-country welcome and snappy kits and tees

This place wins the award for best logo ever: stylized, livid-looking fish trapped in a hexagon that apparently bears more than a passing resemblance to shop-owner Josh Klauck. But don’t be scared off by the hipster look. Big beards and flannel abound and there’s PBR in the fridge, but there’s also plenty of welcoming faces, both at the coffee bar in the front and the clinically neat workshop in back. On display are swanky bikes from Moots, Lynskey, Niner, Pegoretti, Independent Fabrications, and, of course, the local trifecta of Surly, Salsa, and Foundry. Add in a robust grassroots racing team and some of the best wrenches this side of the Mississippi, and it turns out ACF isn’t that angry at all.