Cycling Mistake #7: Relying on Bars and Gels

Whether they're mountain bikers or roadies, cyclists are often their own worst enemies when it comes to training. Repair your routine by eliminating these ten common mistakes

Jun 25, 2013
Outside Magazine

You’re afraid to eat real food because you think bars and gels are formulated for peak performance. But they aren’t always. Especially in hot conditions, bars, gels, and many sports drinks can cause severe gastrointestinal distress, says Lim. Many companies still use maltodextrin, a larger molecule which requires extra processing in the liver. Beyond that, their overly-sweet taste may stop you from even eating them in the first place.

The Fix: Whip up some real food, like these two options by Lim. And don’t be afraid to hit up your leftovers. A slice of cold pizza makes a fine addition to any long training ride, he says.

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