Tour de France: How to Watch

Want to watch the Tour de France but don't have premium cable? Try these nifty alternatives.

Customers watch the race on a TV screen in a bar during the fifth stage of the 2012 Tour de France. (Photo: AP)
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Historically, to watch the Tour live you needed cable—and the willingness to drag yourself out of bed at 5 a.m. This year the race airs on the NBC Sports ­Network, but the hardcore will seek out online alternatives. these are the best.

European Feeds
Eurosport offers subscriptions from five euros (about $6.50) a month, and Italy’s has free streams. Both require an IP address originating in Europe, available from Witopia for $6 per month.
PRO TIP: If you opt for NBC, mute Phil and Paul and listen to the free Euro­sport audio broadcast, with commentary from retired racers.

Pirated Streams and* post links to streams from European broadcasters. Most are illegal, but you’re unlikely to get fined just for watching. More annoying, they can cut out at any time.
PRO TIP: Watching at work? Use antivirus software like AVG, or your IT department will think you’re downloading porn.

Smartphone Apps
NBC’s Tour de France Live Mobile ($5) displays riders on a real-time interactive map.
PRO TIP: Team Twitter accounts like @opqscyclingteam and @lotto_belisol post race updates in English.

*Since this article ran in our July issue has changed their policy and no longer posts pirated feeds.

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