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Best in Show: Capo Padrone High-Vis

Seven cool new accessories from Bike PressCamp 2013

Best in Show: Capo Padrone High-Vis

Testing out the reflective gear, day and night. Photo: Courtesy Capo

We were already fans of Capo’s fashion-forward cycling gear that managed to both look good and let us be seen. Now the California Bay Area apparel manufacturer has infused its high-end Padrone kit with fabrics that look normal by day but reflect light after dark. Constructed of a tailored mix of Super Black and P-10 fabrics, which stretch and compress just as well as any performance textiles but go from silver and black in the light to iridescent white by night, these pieces are destined to become our de facto early morning and late night kits. Reflectivity is built into the fabrics and won’t wash out or wear off.

The line will include four pieces to begin with, including short-sleeve jersey ($225), bibs ($275), vest ($225), and jacket ($300). That’s approximately a 25 percent mark-up on the already-premium Padrone gear, but that’s a small price to pay to decrease your chances of getting hit by a car.

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