The Biggest Scandals in Tour de France History

Forget about Lance Armstrong. These ten scandals rocked cycling to its core.

Jul 15, 2013
Outside Magazine

French hero Raymond Poulidor.    Photo: Nationaal Archief Fotocollectie Anefo

While the 100th edition of the Tour de France has been blessedly free of scandal so far (despite insinuations that Team Sky was suspiciously dominant on the mountain stages), throughout its history La Grande Boucle has had more disgrace and drama than the Kardashians. Although it remains one of the world’s most beautiful sporting events—a grand showcase of athleticism, grit and courage—since its earliest days the Tour has been sullied by epic displays of cheating, stupidity, and generally bad behavior. With that fact in mind, we offer the following short tour of some of Le Tour’s lowest points.

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