Revamp Your Base Camp: Jetboil Joule

4 major upgrades for your campsite

Jul 17, 2013
Outside Magazine
Jetboil Joule camping gear cooking

   Photo: Broudy/Donohue Photography

The first portable cooking system to be as user friendly and safe as a canister stove, with the power and cold weather performance of a liquid fuel stove, the four-season Joule group basecamping stove boils a liter of water in 2 minutes 40 seconds. Its isobutane/propane fuel canister is inverted to feed liquid, rather than gaseous, fuel into a control valve. The control valve regulates the fuel pressure to a very low level through an extra-large orifice jet in the burner.

The combination of the pressure drop through the regulator and the routing of the fuel line through the burner flame means the Joule fully vaporizes its fuel before it reaches the burner. The result: a solid, consistent flame below 0° F with no performance loss as the canister runs out. For the serious alpinist, Jetboil will also be selling the Alpinist accessory kit ($29), which includes a windscreen and hanging kit that add flexibility to where you cook, while protecting the flame in inclement weather.

Available Spring 2014, $170