Revamp Your Base Camp: Easton Syclone Poles

4 major upgrades for your campsite

Jul 17, 2013
Outside Magazine
Easton Syclone Poles camping tents tent poles

   Photo: Courtesy of Easton

Made from aerospace-grade composite materials wound from every direction into a tube, Easton’s new Syclone tent pole is the most resilient tent pole ever made. Syclone poles can flex further and take more turbulent abuse than any other pole material—they’re 80% less likely to bend or fail than aluminum poles in wind and flex-testing. Both lab tests and in-field results show Syclone poles flex further than carbon or aluminum. The clincher: they weigh the same and cost the same as aluminum poles. Find them in the  Slickrock 2-person (4 lb 12oz) and 3-person (5lb 12oz) tents.

Available Spring 2014, $350