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Beyond S'mores: 3 Easy Campfire Desserts for Kids

Choice is good. Here are three outdoorsy desserts that may jazz you more than the obligatory roasted marshmallow and melted chocolate squeezed between graham crackers.

Beyond S'mores: 3 Easy Campfire Desserts for Kids

Photo: lovelihood/Flickr

Bad-mouthing the classic campfire dessert, the sickeningly-sweet overkill hot gooburger known as the s’more, is just plain wrong. It’s tantamount to dumping on the Girl Scouts, in whose handbook the s’mores recipe first appeared in 1927, not to mention the magic of summer nights outdoors, camaraderie around an open fire, woodsmoke, sugar rushes, our kids and our memories of being kids, and the Real America.

Yes, you have to love them. You have no choice, like the way you’ve got to love roast turkey at Thanksgiving, which people get weepy over, while a large percentage say to themselves, “Meh. Why turkey? It doesn’t have any taste and it’s dry.”

Even kids who jump up and down and yell for smores may not be so crazy about them. Or so evidence indicates. At our evening campfires there’s a brief s’mores-making frenzy. But then, for a much longer time, kids and grownups just roast and eat marshmallows. Others raid the chocolate. The graham crackers sit there, which is excellent because we can have graham crackers and milk for days.

Lately, we’ve found a better use for those leftover marshmallows in a brilliant cookout dessert my wife Sue introduced to us last year: banana boats. Here, we offer her recipe, plus two more to shake up your campfire routine.

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