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Easy Campfire Desserts: Fabulous Frozens

Choice is good. Here are three outdoorsy desserts that may jazz you more than the obligatory roasted marshmallow and melted chocolate squeezed between graham crackers.

Easy Campfire Desserts: Fabulous Frozens

Yeti cooler Photo: Courtesy Yeti

This is not a recipe but a simple hack to keep stuff frozen away from the freezer. I’m dying to try it on a multi-day raft or canoe trip.

You need:

Frozen treats. The more kinds, the better.
Medium-big cooler. A newer, super-insulated, multi-day unit is best.
Dry ice. Five to seven pounds will do it for 24 hours, 15 to 20 pounds for three days. Five to seven pounds of dry ice should keep frozens for 24 hours, 15 to 20 pounds for three days.
Thick gloves
Duct tape

Wear gloves to handle ice, which flash-freezes flesh on contact. Wrap slices of ice with newspaper and line cooler. Put ice in first, packed all-around with lots of crumpled newspaper. Food goes on top of that. For maximal duration, tape around cooler top and keep it upside-down.

Really Important Safety
Never let food sit directly on the ice, lest it get so cold it freezes to lips and tongue and cause an ugly, bloody mess.

Dry ice doesn’t melt, it sublimes into carbon dioxide gas that is colorless, odorless, tasteless, which supplants air and can suffocate us air breathers. Store the cooler in the open air. When you haul it inside your vehicle, keep windows cracked.

Never let children touch the ice, which they’re dying to do. Have fun by putting some in a bucket of water to make a witches-brew-looking vaporous boil. But you do it, and they look.

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